Another sweet bundle deal on the way…

I’ll have some news about the Lion God book soon, but I wanted to let you know today that another collaborative effort is on the way (similar to the Warm & Sweet collection that’s been pretty popular).

These stories are definitely on the hardcore side, so stay tuned for some kinks, taboos, and forbidden fantasies that were deemed too hot for a couple distributors that I won’t name here… 😉

The collections themselves have been fun to put together — they make a good value pack for readers, and I have a great time reviewing, selecting, and organizing stories that work well together. Everybody wins! Multiple times!

Take care, everyone.

A new freebie: Taken by the Lion God

It’s been a long time since I offered a free book (permanently free, not temporarily discounted). “The Man Who Came Too Much” and “Coaching Missy” now have a new buddy over on my Stories page: the first installment of “Taken By the Lion God.”

The Lion God series has been one of my favorites to write, so much so that I’ve carried Callie Shaw over into another book that will be released soon. There’s been a lot of development since this introduction to Callie, Mios, and the strange new world they’ve found themselves in…but I still like to read the opening and remember it all again.

I hope you enjoy the story and, as always, send comments my way if you feel the urge. 🙂

Site shenanigans.

Long time, no write! First off, thanks to everyone who has sent me a nice e-mail over the past few months. I appreciate all the notes, feedback, praise AND criticism! I assure you, I’m hard at work getting the next Lion God book packaged and delivered to retailers (more on that soon).

But for now, I want to mention that I’m moving this blog to another hosting provider…so if it disappears, it’ll only be temporary. Keep your fingers crossed — I have a habit of sending things off into the ether, never to be seen again.

The Lion God…returns?

I’ve mentioned this by e-mail to a few folks who have asked, so I thought I’d finally make a post here: the lovely, powerful Callie Shaw and her otherworldly lover, Mios, will be returning this fall.

I decided to continue the couple’s adventures in a standalone novel, which I’m working on at this very moment. That’s the main reason for lack of updates…and for that, I apologize! But I hope you’ll be happy knowing that Callie’s tale is far from over. 😉

Audiobook magic being worked on the Lion God.

Hi all, and many apologies for the lack of updates. I’ll have a new message for newsletter subscribers out soon…so sign up with that nice link over there and you’ll get a chance to hear about some freebies and special offers coming down the pike.

One such offer will be free audiobooks! I have the entire Lion God series in production at the moment, and once the books are complete, I’ll have coupon codes for anyone interested in awesome narration and an entirely new way to experience the series.

So stay tuned! And, as always, thanks for reading.

A healthy dose of Goodreads…there’s never too much!

Just wanted to highlight the explosion of hilarious Goodreads reviews for my story “The Man Who Came Too Much.”

Whether you have a taste for such stories or not, the GIF-happy reviews are worth a look. 😉

I’ll be the first to admit that “The Man Who Came Too Much” is a bit of an oddball(s) story, but sometimes you sit down to write and a whole lot of goofy stuff comes out. Why not take a risk and send the goofy stories into the world, too?

Anyway, I’m happy to see that readers find TMWCTM to be a fun escape (or release), and can take the story for what it is…a change of pace in a sea of books with similar characters, plots, etc. Who knows? Maybe Chet Fludd will return for a return engagement.

Oh, and if you don’t have it already, you can grab Chet’s tale just about anywhere for the low, low cost of absolutely nothing. Hit up my Stories page for a link to your retailer of choice.