A new freebie: Taken by the Lion God

It’s been a long time since I offered a free book (permanently free, not temporarily discounted). “The Man Who Came Too Much” and “Coaching Missy” now have a new buddy over on my Stories page: the first installment of “Taken By the Lion God.”

The Lion God series has been one of my favorites to write, so much so that I’ve carried Callie Shaw over into another book that will be released soon. There’s been a lot of development since this introduction to Callie, Mios, and the strange new world they’ve found themselves in…but I still like to read the opening and remember it all again.

I hope you enjoy the story and, as always, send comments my way if you feel the urge. 🙂

One thought on “A new freebie: Taken by the Lion God

  1. just read 4 of your books.outstanding! love lion
    king trilogy.look forward to your new installment.

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